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MR Diffusion - Tu És feat Heitor Lourenço song

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

We are thrilled to see the song we created for "Fora Da Caixa Consulting" out there. After we teamed up with the amazing actor Heitor Lourenço and Marina Caldas we came out with the hymn "Tu És"

Heroes of Portugal :" During the recent confinement the FDC Consulting team, together with musicians and friendly actors, decided to think together about everything that was happening and the possibility we had to honor those who were helping us overcome one of the greatest dramas that our generation was (and is) living. Without dramatism, but with the awareness that everything expressed here is what we feel, is our sincere and felt tribute to all health professionals, on this day of the Heroes of Portugal. Thank you all. Thank you also to all our friends who joined us.

Thank you to all the heroes of Portugal.

Song Title - Tu És feat Heitor Lourenço

Artist - Marcos Dinis

Music - Marcos Dinis

Lyrics - Marcos Dinis and Marina Caldas

Music Production - MR Diffusion

Graphic Design - Joana Pestana (HINO Disc Cover)

Music video concept - Maria Colmonero

Video editing - Matilde Vieira

Production - FDC Consulting

Partners - parish council of arroios, order of doctors, order of nurses and the order of pharmaceuticals, health platform in dialogue, walk, APDI, APDH, sos hepatitis, Apifarma, Apecs, Montepio residences, Tâmega e Sousa Hospital Center and the laboratories Germanus de Sousa


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