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TU Cais feat Gil Lopes new release


The song entered to National Portuguese TOP and achived the 53 place.

The song entered to number 10 in National Itunes Chart I 2 in Rock Category

Tu cais is the new single from the Portuguese band Urban Tales (rock metal with gothic influences) and has the participation of the singer of the band Doomsday Hymn (Christian metal - metalcore, death metal, groove metal and thrash metal), Gil Lopes.The partnership resulted in a song with various nuances and musical explosions, inserted in a theme of pain, frustration and regret.Gil Lopes, gives color to a song with his clean and guttural voice, showing all the diversity and dynamics that the song has and intends to instill in the listener.The band made available on their youtube channel, a Music Vizualizer of the new theme, to watch click hereThe music was written and produced by Marcos César, while the distribution is in charge of MR Diffusion. Urban Tales' new single is available from November 10th on all digital stores.



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