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Music Producer I Engineer

Marcos César is in the music scene since his 15 years old, when he was invited to joined his first band called Walpurgis Nacht.


In 2005, he was in the production of one of the most important rock metal gothic albums of hIs country - “Diary of a No” from Urban Tales. This work, gathered major reviews around the world and some award nominations.


In the present years Marcos César worked with top artists/bands like : Colonel Frozen (DE), Loren Dayle (CA), Vitor Espadinha (PT), Joanna Lewis (US), Nuno Flores (PT), Virgul (PT), MeloD (PT), Lilly Pad (FR), Hessa (NL), Urban Tales (PT), Torsten (DE), Johnny Icon (UK), Mariana Azevedo (PT), The Workers (US), Bianca Adrião (PT), Cecil Bullard (US), Troubadors (US), By The Night (US), Spence (US), and many more...


Also, he joined teams with many major companies to create their jingles and anthems for special ocasions like: 30 years fighting HIV, Vamos a Isto Campaign, Geração Saudável Campaing, SOS Hepatites, Stop Asthma Campaign.


Many of his productions achieved International radios and TV airplay as went for several ocasions to Itunes and National and International charts. Geração Saudável Campaign won the 2014 award of project of the year, where was included the song he wrote and produced.

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